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Why Companies Ignore Free Money

“Hey, did you leave $9,600 sitting on the table?”

If you didn’t consider hiring a military veteran for your last open position, then yes, you left a potential $9,600 of tax credits sitting on the table. Why do employers ignore a tax credit of up to almost $10,000 for hiring some of the most qualified workers in the market today? Recruiters and HR professionals often say it is too hard and takes too much time to find qualified military veterans.

Veteran Recruitment Made Easy

Wouldn’t you love to know:

  • How many veterans are in your area?
  • What experience do veterans have?
  • Which jobs are veterans looking for?
  • What are veteran’s pay requirements?

Wish granted! Walton has partnered with RecruitMilitary®, the leading full-service military-to-civilian recruiting firm in the United States. RecruitMilitary allows recruiters and HR professionals to target veterans by location, education, experience, and salary level so that you can reach out to veterans about open positions. Whether you are looking for an experience Java developer, an entry-level clerk, or a management trainee, RecruitMilitary lets you target veterans in your area.

RecruitMilitary has a database of over 800,000 veteran candidates of all ranks, rates, and branches of the armed forces, and it is free for veterans to use.

In addition to providing the most lucrative of WOTC tax credits, employers report that veterans make great team members. Veterans tend to be organized, disciplined, and true team players that put business objectives first. Walton’s partnership with RecruitMilitary makes hiring veterans easier than ever before. With veteran tax credits of up to $9,600, your HR department will truly be a profit center.

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