The Story Behind Our Solutions Bundle

Several years ago, we sensed a shift in the HR marketplace and realized that companies wanted to solve more than one problem at a time. Instead of handling just Tax Credits for customers, Walton decided to invest in developing a robust Verification of Employment and Income solution. Walton also leveraged decades of experience with the industry's Unemployment provider, ValeU Group.

Bundle Approach

Walton's multi-layered solution delivers unsurpassed results for multiple services, powered by one data file, one service agreement, and one common security platform.


Our platform leverages many aspects that work in unison to deliver a streamlined approach to administer Tax Credits and Verification of Employment with ease.

Service & Support

Our support team leverages our innovative technology along with decades of experience to deliver the best experience for our clients and business partners.

Why Our Technology is Better

Clients and business partners often tell us our technology sets the standard in our industry. These are some of the features that deliver a smart and simple user experience:

Real-Time Processing

Enables information, programs, activities, and steps within the platform and in the user interface to be immediately processed and updated without human intervention

Frictionless Systems

Smooth connectivity across all collection, internal recovery processes, and external applications, databases, and services such as Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

Centralized Engine

For easier implementation, and management of complex rules, sophisticated logic, and discrete strategies deployed across the platform

Calm User Display

Places the most important information at the center of the user's attention (and secondary information at the peripheral)

One-Click User Experience

Minimization and automation of manual desktop keystrokes, data-entry, decisions, screen changes and/or next steps

Embedded Messaging

Built-in interactive SMS and Email Messaging for communicating with customers via their preferred channels

Why Companies Trust Us

Laser Focus on Security — Companies trust us because our systems are built on newer technology, leveraging "at-rest" data encryption and other advanced systems and protocols to keep our data secure at all times.
Proven Best Practices — We have developed and tested best practices that are proven to streamline processes and deliver maximum results over the last 40 years.
Service & Excellence — Every interaction is driven by our unmatched commitment to deliver the most effective service to our clients and business partners.

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