Walton’s VOE solution delivers a secure and state-of-the-art solution for companies to automate their employment and income verification process, saving them time and money.


Streamlined User-Experience

  • We designed our solution on top of our award-wining platform to deliver a simple user experience for Employees and Verifiers
  • Our solution provides a useful self-service portal that empowers your employees to control their own data
  • Companies that use us benefit from quick and efficient turnaround time for Verifications



  • Unlike others, our solution was built on new technology, therefore has no technical debt
  • Our PIN-based solution puts users in control of their data – they decide who sees what
  • Our solution meets all security and privacy laws



  • VeriSafeJobs is offered at no cost to employers – private requestors pay for the service
  • Government verifications are completed at no cost
  • Complimentary access to Walton’s robust HR Analytics
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