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Use our VOE Savings Calculator* to get an estimate of how much time and costs related to resources you can save by turning your VOE over to Walton.

Note: Walton uses a proprietary algorithm to determine the results on this tool. This tool is intended to provide an estimate of potential savings based on the information you provide. Please note that your company's results may vary, based on a number of other components and we do not guarantee the results displayed on this tool. For more information, please contact us.

Let Walton automate your Verification of Employment & Income process to save you time and money!

VOE Infographic designating what it means for employee, employer commercial private requestors, and government requestors, and payroll providers
VOE infographic detailing employer, employee, commercial private requestors, government requestors, and payroll providers

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ForeSite Verification of Employment and Income reports displayed on screen

VOE Frequently-Asked Questions

What is VOE?

VOE stands for Verification of Employment (and Income) inquiries or requests that employers often receive from commercial institutions as well as government agencies for current and former employees. Often, commercial verification requests come in when a current or former employee applies for employment, a loan, or housing. Government verification requests usually occur whenever a current or former employee applies for assistance through a government agency.

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