A Comprehensive UI Claims Solution

proven to automate and streamline these steps:

A Comprehensive UI Claims Solution Proven to Automate and Streamline These Steps:


Each claim is reviewed thoroughly for eligibility, amount, and benefit period.


All state-imposed deadlines are met every time to ensure compliance and results.


Questionable claims are appealed through the corresponding state agency.


You receive expert-level representation and support for all claims resulting in hearings.


Did you know the national average for UI Claims errors is 20%?

Our solution audits all state data to make sure you never overpay for UI Claims.

smart & simple
Easy Setup

We make it easy for companies to use our UI Claims solution through an expedited implementation process.

Unmatched Support

Your assigned support team will review all claims and deliver exceptional support along the way.

Maximum Results

We will leave no stone unturned to ensure you are optimizing your company's Unemployment Insurance savings.

All this, powered and backed by nearly 40 years of UI experience,

delivers unmatched results.

UI Claims Frequently-Asked Questions

Why do I need to monitor my Unemployment cost?

Unemployment is a controllable cost. Often, employers overlook the claims process, resulting in improper or fraudulent benefits being paid. When employers contest unemployment claims quickly and properly, they avoid unnecessary costs.

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