Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) Program Specialists

WMS secures, manages, and provides administration and compliance for the WOTC Program: A tax credit against a company’s federal income tax liability worth up to $9,000 for each eligible new hire from specified targeted groups.  WMS has specialized in WOTC since its inception in 1996 as well as administered its predecessor program Targeted Jobs Tax Credit (TJTC).  The WMs process for capturing these credits is flexible, straightforward, and simple.

Federal and State Tax Credit and Incentives

Federal and state tax credit and incentives (TCI) are a valuable way to reduce a company’s federal and state tax liability.  WMS has over 35 years of identification, administration, and processing of federal and state statutory (“as of right”) and discretionary tax credits and incentives.  Reduce federal and state tax liabilities through eligible activities associated with the geographic location of facilities and workforce retention, hiring, and training.  Take advantage of such incentives as empowerment zone, Indian employment, and job creation tax credits. Companies often miss out on these tax credits due to the complexities of federal and state regulatory reporting, and ongoing monitoring that is required.

Compliance and Administration Services

WMS provides tax credit and incentive compliance and administration services for statutory, discretionary, and negotiated incentive packages. Clients choose WMS to fill the gap left by negotiated incentive vendors who often do not have the capacity for long term (5-10 year) administration of TCI awards.

Incentive Consulting Services (ICS)

Capture above and below the line savings for recurring capital expenditures, new investment activities, siting new facilities and locations and relocating or expanding existing facilities, locations, or headquarters. WMS assists clients of all sizes to capture significant savings through negotiated opportunities with government agencies at all levels. WMS works directly with the offices of the governor, development agencies, and revenue and commerce departments to achieve a beneficial public-private partnership beneficial to the company as well as the community.

VeriSafeJobs: Verification of Employment & Income

Walton’s VOE solution delivers a secure and state-of-the-art solution for companies to automate their employment and income verification process, saving them time and money. 

Advanced TCI Systems and Quantitative Analytics

  • Real time data
  • Rule Based Data Agents and Reports
  • Data Mining
  • Context Sensitive Reporting
  • Problem solving and better interaction between programs
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