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Walton's leadership is comprised of some of the industry's most talented, experienced, and respected professionals. We take pride in investing in the best-of-the-best to drive our commitment to excellence, innovation, and technology. Doing so ensures we continue to deliver the best service experience to our clients and business partners.

Michael McConnell | President | Walton

Michael McConnell


Michael serves as the President of Walton and oversees operations, engineering, marketing, sales, and service; leading all efforts to streamline product delivery with our unmatched service experience. He brings several decades of experience, having worked for large manufacturing, defense electronics, franchises, and healthcare businesses. Prior to joining Walton, Michael founded and grew several successful franchise businesses. His vast management skill set includes all aspects of operations, accounting, sales, marketing and client service. Michael earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Penn State University and has proudly served in the U.S. Army as a Combat Engineer.

Brian Devido | Vice President, Business Development |Walton

Brian DeVido

Vice President, Business Development

Brian serves as Vice President and leads Walton's business development and top growth strategies. Over the last twenty years, while at Walton, Brian has established an extensive network of business relationships, earning the trust of prospects, clients, and business partners. Prior to joining Walton, Brian worked in the staffing industry, where he managed a team at a leading recruiting firm, selling to and servicing Fortune 500 corporations in the financial services, high-tech, and logistics vertical markets. Brian holds a Master's degree in Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina, Wilmington as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree from Virginia Tech.

David Garcia | Director, Marketing & Partner Support | Walton

David Garcia

Director, Marketing & Partner Support

David brings nearly twenty years of sales and marketing experience in the HR services space. David joined Walton in 2016 as Director or Marketing and Partner Support. In his role, David leverages his domain expertise to drive thought leadership, awareness, and education for Walton clients, prospects, and business partners using innovative strategies. Prior to joining Walton, David spent twelve years in the tax consulting division of First Advantage, where he led their Service Management and Business Development teams.

Mike Dietterick | Director, IT & Product Development |Walton

Mike Dietterick

Director, IT & Product Development

Mike serves as Walton's technology guru. He is responsible for developing and maintaining all technology systems used to deliver Walton's solutions. Mike brings over twenty years of experience in the intelligence, product management, and data analytics. Prior to joining Walton, Mike worked as a Product & Innovation Manager at First Advantage, where he supported their tax credit product line strategy, innovation, and marketing. Prior to that, he specialized in developing geographic information systems at such firms as First Advantage and ADP.

Shannon Campeau | Director, Operations | Walton

Shannon Campeau

Director, Operations

Shannon manages all aspects of the back-office Operations and Support Center for Walton. She has been with Walton for over ten years and has a degree in Computer Science. Shannon's computer science background has been highly instrumental in driving innovation and shifting Walton into the digital age. Her relentless focus on automation, teamwork, and proven leadership has enabled Walton to effectively reduce operational staff by fifty percent while doubling incoming volumes.

Jen Hartrum portrait

Jennifer Hartrum

Manager, Client Services

Jennifer oversees the Account Management function at Walton, where she provides strategic guidance and support to a team of account specialists to drive results and client retention. She joined Walton in 2013 as an Account Executive, where she supported a book of business that included some of our largest clients. She is a graduate of West Virginia University, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Business with a minor in Business Communication and Management.

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