Our History

Walton opened its doors in 1981 during the infancy era of government-based tax credit and incentive programs under the leadership of its founder, Fred Stiftel. At the time, the company's focus was on administering the Targeted Jobs Tax Credit (TJTC), which had many moving parts that required the administration of a lot of paperwork within tight deadlines. Years later, in 1996, the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) program replaced TJTC, prompting an important transition for the business.

Similar to its predecessor program, WOTC had many elements and paperwork filing deadlines that brought new challenges and opportunities for employers. As time went by, Walton became a respected and trusted advisor in the industry, having developed best practices proven to deliver maximum results for its clients.

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Our Digital Transformation

Despite the success experienced over the years, technology trends were continuing to advance. In light of rapid growth of technology and its effect on the entire credits and incentives industry, the company decided to invest in its future and adopt emerging technologies. This process made the company undergo a massive digital transformation that called for an upgrade in technology as well as its workforce. Investing in bringing in and developing top talent has made all the difference in the world for Walton.

Following the successful launch of our new platform, ForeSite, the company realized this had the potential to disrupt not only WOTC, but several other HR Services. Consequently, additional investments and partnerships were made to develop a best-in-class HR Suite of Solutions that transcended credits and incentives by adding additional services powered by the same payroll data.

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Walton Today

Walton proudly stands today, undisputed, as the largest independently-owned provider of Credits and Incentives and Verification-of-Employment solutions. Our technology platform is second-to-none and proven to streamline the user experience and deliver maximum results. Walton integrates with many best-in-class payroll, applicant tracking, and onboarding partners to simplify your Point-of-Hire Tax Credits and requests to Verify Employment and Income.

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