Walton Management Services ICS division secures and administers statutory and discretionary tax credits and incentives for both public and private enterprises.

Capture above and below the line savings for recurring capital expenditures, new investment activities, siting new facilities and locations and relocating or expanding existing facilities, locations, or headquarters. WMS assists clients of all sizes to capture significant savings through negotiated opportunities with government agencies at all levels. WMS works directly with the offices of the governor, development agencies, and revenue and commerce departments to achieve a beneficial public-private partnership beneficial to the company as well as the community.

Serving the Fortune 500, as well as small cap and mid cap companies for over thirty-five years, WMS has negotiated on behalf of clients TCI opportunities for project facility bonds, capital gain tax exemptions on cash investment earnings, alternative apportionment agreements, real and personal property tax abatements, taxable and tax exempt industrial revenue bond financing, site selection, and other services complementary to economic development.  With WMS's "bottom line" oriented approach, client’s financial performance is improved and its effective tax rate is reduced, as well as providing "above the line" tax savings for clients nationwide.

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