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In today's competitive employment market, understanding key workforce trends such as retention and turnover are essential for companies to understand what must be done to retain valuable team members and attract top talent. Sadly, that is easier said than done for many companies who struggle to compile the necessary data to perform such analysis.
Why is that, one might ask. Simply put, it's because of the fact that most companies do not have a central data repository or platform that can effectively gather all the necessary data points to perform such analysis. Walton solves this by leveraging our technology platform which combines the data used for Tax Credits, Employment Verification, and UI Claims. As a result, we deliver powerful Workforce Analytics that provide valuable insights, so you can not only manage your workforce more effectively, but make better business decisions.
Workforce Analytics displayed on laptop screen

Key Benefits of Workforce Analytics

ForeSite dashboard displayed on laptop screen

Easy Access

One platform delivers single sign-on access to Key Workforce Analytics, securely.

Valuable Insights

Analyze and understand key trends to better manage your workforce.

Better Decisions

Make informed decisions on what is required to retain your talent and grow your business.

"Walton's Analytics engine is simply impressive. They helped our HR team eliminate countless hours of manual data crunching to analyze our turnover rates."

— VP HR, National Retailer

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