State Tax Credits & Incentives Keep Increasing

Walton Management’s own Marty Reid – Managing Director, Incentive Consulting Services (ICS) Division – has been critical in evaluating and capturing lucrative tax credits and incentives for many businesses for over 20 years. Mr. Reid was quoted in a recent Triangle Business Journal article for his assessment of state tax credit programs explaining that “[states] are aggressive in adding them as a way to attract and maintain jobs.”
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2014 Newsletter – Walton Management Services

Happy New Year, and, cheers to a successful 2014. We’re very excited for the coming year and we look forward to serving all of your tax credit and incentive needs. So read on, pass it along, and stay subscribed. Every opportunity counts!
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Are You A Small Business or Tax-Exempt Organization Providing Healthcare Insurance to Your Employees? Take Advantage of the Health Care Tax Credit

Businesses with fewer than 25 full-time equivalent employees and with average wages of $50,000/year or less (to be adjusted for inflation beginning in 2014) may qualify for employer health care tax credit. Businesses must pay a minimum of 50% of the full-time employees’ premium costs and are not required to provide health insurance coverage to part-time employees or dependents.
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