Background Screening Partners

The following are Walton's preferred background screening providers. Our team works with these best-in-class providers to tailor the most suitable solutions for our clients.

Interested in one of our partners?

JDP logo


JDP is a Consumer Reporting Agency based in Pittsburgh, PA serving organizations across the globe. Their background screening solutions help clients reduce risk by alerting them to red flags in applicants' backgrounds that could have a negative impact on their brand, people, and customers. When organizations know more about who they're hiring, they can be confident they're choosing the right candidate — all the time.

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Orange Tree Employment Screening

Orange Tree (OT) believes that every company deserves a background screening program designed solely in its best interest. This approach has built long-lasting relationships with companies that consider Orange Tree their teammate and trusted partner. OT focuses on the client's needs by relentlessly pursuing fast, easy background checks and leveraging technology to provide the best user experience. From order submission through report delivery, OT's technology is robust and enables fast turnaround times, easy-to-use systems, and accurate background checks that our clients expect and deserve.

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