Walton Management Services, Inc. (WMS) has been in The Business of Business Incentives™ for over three decades.  With a sole focus on tax credits and incentives (TCI), WMS has an in-house development team, backed by experts in the TCI field, creating, designing, and maintaining TCI solutions unavailable at any other TCI vendor. 

WMS nets its clients millions of dollars each year by managing their TCI portfolios, pooling from federal, state and local funds to which they are entitled to, but often don't apply.

WMS identifies, secures, and administers a myriad of TCI opportunities for companies of all sizes and in all industry sectors, from Fortune 50 corporations to promising new ventures.



WMS improves the financial position and competitiveness of our clients by:

  • Identifying TCI opportunities, processing TCI applications, and managing client participation
  • Quantifying the projected value and monitoring receipt of TCI awards
  • Ensuring client compliance with government regulations, reporting and documentation
  • Providing innovative and industry-leading quantitative analytics
  • Satisfying internal client tracking needs and requirements

Our approach not only limits a client's tax liability and enhances their cash position, but the WMS technological solution reduces and eliminates the amount of time a client spends managing these programs. We achieve the best results in our industry by focusing on customizing the requirements to each unique client and providing a best in class technological solution.

Our three decades of experience, coupled with NetCentives™, a full service, no fee TCI solution, enables WMS to provide an exceptionally tailored and timely service.

Our Leadership Team

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